For nearly 20 years Theresa Daley worked in social services as a Case Manager, Domestic Violence Counselor and rape prevention specialist.  She facilitated domestic violence recovery groups in women's shelters and drop in centers.  In 2005 she worked as a sexual assault prevention coordinator both responding to sexual assault cases and providing prevention eduction.  In 2005 she received a grant for $200,000 from the Department of Justice to Administer a program to end violent crimes against women on college campuses.


In 2010, having worked extensively in the field in both response and prevention, she realized that while great progress had taken place in North America regarding violence against women, much of the world still reeled from the devastation of gender based violence.  She concluded that her experience and education would be best utilized in the global arena.   Based on the data world wide, beliefs and attitudes about women and girls result in continued oppression and defilement, individual lives shattered, families broken, communities incomplete and nations hindered from manifesting their greatest potential.


After three years of mission work in 9 nations she was led to launch East Africa Women's Rescue Center based in Uganda where the rate of defilement of women is at 68%.  The mission of this ministry is to change a culture that is oppressive, punitive and violent towards women and girls through education, resources and collaboration throughout East Africa.


Since the launch of the ministry in 2013, a great deal of educational workshops have taken place in both Kenya and Uganda training Pastors, Social Workers and Missionaries about how to respond to and prevent gender based violence with compassion and competence.   The Strengthening Marriages Workshops have also been presented in churches with tremendous reception.


The women we work with are trained in various crafts and skills such as hand weaving on looms and jewelry making, enabling them to thrive as they recovers from abuse and poverty. But we recognize much work is ahead and we continue to look for organizations and ministry partners to enhance and increase the efforts to change a culture that accepts and condones gender based violence.